Volvo Oil Filter (3840525)

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Original Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta Original Oil Filter

Hallberg-Rassy 31, 310   (D1-20)

Hallberg-Rassy 34, 342   (D1-30)

Hallberg-Rassy 37, 372   (D2-55)

Hallberg-Rassy 40, 412   (D2-55)

Hallberg-Rassy 43          (D2-75)


Also the following Volvo Penta Engines:

MD2010 A, B, C, D

MD2020 A, B, C, D

MD2030 A, B, C, D

MD2040 A, B, C, D

D2-55 A, B, C, D, E, F

D2-75 A, B, C, F

D1-13 A, B, F

D1-20 A, B, F

D1-30 A, B, F

D2-40 A, B, F

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