3 weeks in Bohuslän - South Part

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3 weeks in Bohuslän - South Part

Language: Combined Swedish and English

Book with natural harbours: 3 weeks in Bohuslän - South Part.

This book describes the most protected coves between Göteborg and the Norwegian boarder. These coves are protected but sometimes difficult to approach with normal charts. With "3 weeks in Bohuslän" you will be able to approach the coves, who so far have been a well hidden secret among a small group of sailors.The Swedish West Coast is covered by two parts, North and South. See "Related Product"   

It is published by the Harbours & Moorings Committee of the Swedish Cruising Association. For each cove/harbour you will find an overhead picture with depth and navigational hazards marked.

The describing texts are in Swedish and English.

Svenska Kryssarklubben
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