Anchor Buddy AB20 - 8 kg (rope)

Anchor Buddy
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Anchor Buddy Original Product




Extra anchoring security for boat and crew, lessen the risk of dragging anchors and have much more comfort on board in windy conditions with this proven anchoring technique - Anchor Buddy anchor weight 

Reduce the working load on your anchor by up to 50% for added security, by acting as a spring or shock absorber

Reduce boat swing considerably, this can lead to the anchor rolling out

Dampen all excessive boat movement at anchor for more comfort on board

When the holding power of your anchor is in question, you can set two anchors from the dinghy, attach and lower your dive belt or any other heavy weight - boat owners have done that for generations. The principle is exactly the same but why do that when your Anchor Buddy anchor weight can be twisted on much faster.

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Also known as "Kiwi Anchor Rider" , which is a second marketing name for this product.