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Lewmar Gasket kit for Lewmar Atlantic Portlights - Model 3.

10 meter kit.

This is the gasket kit for portlights produced from MARCH year 2011.

This is the gasket most likely installed to Hallberg-Rassy boats, with Lewmar Atlantic Portlights, boats delivered after summer year 2011.

Boat delivered from the yard before summer 2011 are more likely to have "Lewmar Gasket to Atlantic Portlight - model 1.

Please check the picture of profile and shape of this gasket model 3. It is fairly different to model 1.

To join the gasket together, Loctite SuperGlue GEL product is recomended.

To glue in place, a good adhesive that glue aluminium and rubber is recommended. The Simsom ISR-70-03 product is a suitable product.




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