Steering Wheel Cover - (HR31 / HR34) - Model M-1

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Steering Wheel Cover, that covers the wheel and the steering Pedestal / Binnacle.

Colour : GREY

HR-Logotype in Dark Blue.

Model M-1


How to tell Model M-1 and Model M-2 apart from each other:

Model M-1 is the first / earlier model.

Model M-1 has the Stainless Steel Guard Rail / Binnacle Bar positioned forward of the Magnetic Compass, when

Model M-2 has the Stainless Steel Guard Rail / Binnacle Bar positioned to the middle of Magnetic Compass.


Because of this, the top of the Steering Wheel Cover is about 100 mm longer in forward-aft direction for Model M-1. And shorter for Model M-2.

The Model M-1 Steering Pedestal is fitted to:

Most built HR31

Most built HR34

The very latest HR31 / HR34 can have Model M-2


Please view all related photos to this product to determine your Steering Pedestal look like the photos for this product.

If you are not sure, please send us a photo of your Steering Pedestal.

NOTE: Not available for boats with fixed Chart Plotter fitted to the Steering Pedestal.

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