Spinlock Safety Harness - Model 03/C Performance

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Spinlock Safety Harness - Model 03/C Performance

Performance Safety Tether - 3 Custom Clips, 1M & 2M Stretch Safety Lines

This stretchable performance safety tether has 3 safety line carabiner clips connected to 2 lines, 1 elasticated and 1 fixed.
Extended length is of 6-1/2 ft (2 meters) and another at 3-1/4 ft (1 meter).

By wearing the easily stowed Spinlock Safety Line Cutter, any safety line tether will satisfy ISAF and ORC recommendations by providing a means of disconnection under load.

• Ideal for use with the Spinlock Deckvest or with any other conventional safety harness
• Approved standard length
• Easy to use lightweight clip with wide opening gate, one-handed operation, double action carabiner clip
• Up to 50% lighter and more compact than conventional safety lines
• Dry-coated to reduce water absorption
• Full strength compact line
• Overload indicator

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