Selden Black Top Plug

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Original Selden Black Top Plug for Selden Rigging Screw Covers.

The plug comes complete with both halves.

The top plug is available in 6 different sizes.

When you are replacing a top plug, you can find the required model number on the old top plug.

You can also check the diameter of your rigging screw cover tube, the aluminium tube, to make sure you order the correct model and size.

Please Note : Regarding the largest Selden Black Top Plug - Model 585. This is also used together with an adapter to fit the now largest available Selden Rigging Screw Cover. The largest Rigging Screw Cover has an outer diameter of 87 mm. Together with an adapter ring, the Part No. 1266, Selden Black Top Plug Model 585 (Pair) will fit. When you require also the adapter ring, please contact us

 Part No. Model Aluminium Tube Outer Diameter Aluminium Tube Inner Diameter
 1611 580 38 mm 35 mm
 1610 581 43 mm 40 mm
 1609 582 50 mm 46 mm
 1269 583 57 mm 53 mm
 1268 584 67 mm 63 mm
 1266 585 75 mm 71 mm
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