Volvo Cutlass Bearing

Volvo Penta
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Should be correct for all Hallberg-Rassy boats prior to year 2000.

From year 2000 another model, glasfibre-tube, have been installed

This Cutlass Bearing is for boat with Metal Propeller Shaft Tubing installed to the boat. Some boats (37, 40, 43, 48 ) have Glasfibre Shaft Tubing installed. For these boats, look to the other Cutlass bearings we supply.


30mm shaft: Length 127mm, Outside diameter 44,45mm,

35mm shaft: Length 140mm, Outside diameter 47,62mm.

40mm shaft. Length 160mm. Outside diameter 54mm.

45mm shaft. Length 180mm. Outside diameter 60,32mm.


Please contact us when in doubt.


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