This section displays most of the Rudder Details for Hallberg-Rassy 34.


Very early built HR34 have an Aluminium Rudder Shaft 75 mm diameter. Approx boats with build no 1-15.

Later boats have a Stainless Steel Rudder Shaft 50 mm diameter.

Below information is for boats with Stainless Steel 50 mm Rudder Shaft.

For Aluminium Rudder Shaft 75 mm, please contact us.


This section display most Rudder Details for Hallberg-Rassy 34 (Stainless Steel Rudder Shaft 50 mm)

Further detail Information displayed below as "Upper Rudder Details HR34"

Further detail information displayed below as "Rudder Details HR34".


It is absolutely recommended to lift the boat out of the water when changing any Rudder Details.


Upper Rudder Details HR34


Rudder Details HR34