McCoy Door Lock - Complete

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McCoy Door Lock Complete.

Hallberg-Rassy supply this door lock complete or as two seperate product, McCoy Door Lock Mechanish" and "McCoy Door Lock Handles kit"

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Please select "LEFT" or "RIGHT when ordering. Read below how you most easily determine if you require "LEFT" or RIGHT".

How to determine for sure it is a McCoy Door lock you require:

- Look at the photos of the product carefully.

- Measssure the distance between the mounting screws. McCoy distance betweeen holes : 83 mm.


Please note: Does not include the striking plate to the door frame, as we mainly supply the door lock and door lock parts as spare parts, this is normally not needed.

This will easily help you determine if you need LEFT or RIGHT model.

The second photo with the YELLOW EMERGENCY BEACON in the background show a LEFT hand mechanish.


The "Teeth" of the door Lock is split. Two teeth to one side, the middle tooth to the other side. Double teeth pointing to LEFT (as in the photo) => LEFT hand mechanism required.


(Double teeth point to RIGHT side, it is a RIGHT hand mechanish required).

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