Volvo Hand Pump - Fuel Tank

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Volvo Hand Pump - Fuel Tank


Sample pump for Fuel Tank.

Volvo Penta Part No. 21350273

Hallberg-Rassy Parts supply 1x Press Connection with each Pump. To assist when re-installing pumps which have a shut-off valve installed beneath the pump.

Installed in engine compartment, to sample fuel from sump of (main) fuel tank.

Sometimes also supplied uninstalled, for to sample fuel from fuel tanks.

Needs to be maintained/operatien on a regular basis.

PLEASE NOTE:  When installed in the engine compartment, there is often a isolating valve below the pump, which must be opened when the pump is operated amd MUST be closed afterwards, otherwise, when the fuek tank is topped up, the top level of the fuel tank and the re-fueling filler is higher than the pump, which pushes the fuel trough the hand pump and out in the engine compartment.




Volvo Penta
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