Mora Spare Parts for leaking Faucets

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Mora Cera Kitchen/galley Faucet and Bathroom Washbasin Faucet.

Please check the schematic for the Faucets from photos related to this product.

We have 3 products to cure your leaking Faucet:

40-090589 - Mora Valve Packing Cyliner and Piston

Part No. 20.90.95AE and 20.90.98AE as well as the Piston going up in the Faucet lever in the Mora schematic. This product which contains from the 3 above product is also illustated with an enclosed photo.This valve wears over time,

40-090782 - Mora Temp X-Rings for Kitchen MIxer (2 pcs)

See these 2 O-rings at the base of the KITCHEN/GALLEY Faucet. Part No. 30.99.96AE in the Mora Schematic. When the Faucet leaks at the base it is time to change these O-rings.

40-090783 - Mora Teflon Ring 42/39x1,5 (2 pcs)

Change this/these Teflon rings, Part No. 30.91.07AC in the Mora schematic, when the Faucet is taken apart for other reasons. These rings wear over time too.

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