Bulb Halogen - 24V/10W - Interior (G4)

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Original Hella Marine Bulb

G4 Socket.

Original Hella Marine Bulb. (Hella Art No 8GH 005 758 251)

Hallberg-Rassy Yachts before approx 2006 with 24 Volt electric system sometimes have this type of bulb installed.

From approx 2006 also yachts with 24 volt system have 12 volt Halogen bulbs installed in series ( 2 x 12 V). For the reason that 12 V bulbs often handles peak currents better.

A certain indication that you have bulbs connected in series is that 2 bulbs always fails at the same time.

When replacing halogen bulbs, especially 24 Volt Halogen Bulbs, please also consider our range of LED bulbs. See related products.

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