Propane Hose Kit Version A (2022)

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 Hallberg-Rassy original Hose Kit.

This kit changed slightly in 2022. “Hose for Gas Locker/Gas Box, 90 cm” changed in one end, please look at last photo of the previous hose kit.

Hallberg-Rassy have installed for many years now. However there have been some variations. Please study the photo of the parts as well as the below contains list.

This original hose kit includes ONE Orange Valve. If your installation have more than one valve, you might have to add fittings locally when installing.

This original hose kit is made for ENO Cooker. If you have a Force 10 Cooker, you might have to add fittings locally when installing.

We are not able to supply additional fittings for custom installations, as we can not verify what is needed from a distance. But again, the original kit is normally what is needed for a standard installation onboard a Hallberg-Rassy yacht with a ENO Cooker.For other installations, this kit is also a good basic package


The Propane Hose kit Includes:

1 Hose for Galley, 125 cm

1 Hose for Gas Locker/Gas Box, 90 cm

1 Orange Valve

3 Press Connections


Propane Hoses have a "Best-Before-Date". Should be replaced on a regular basis = every 5 years.




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