Steering Wheel Cover - (Halllberg-Rassy31-342) - Model M-2

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Steering Wheel Cover - (Halllberg-Rassy31-342) - Model M-2

Steering Wheel Cover, that covers the wheel and the steering Pedestal / Binnacle.

Colour : GREY

Hallberg-Rassy logotype in Dark Blue.

Model M-2


How to tell Model M-1 and Model M-2 apart from each other:

Model M-2 is the later model.

Model M-2 has the Stainless Steel Guard Rail / Binnacle Bar positioned to the middle of Magnetic Compass, when Model M-1 has the Stainless Steel Guard Rail / Binnacle Bar positioned forward of the Magnetic Compass.

Because of this, the top of the Steering Wheel Cover is about 100 mm longer in forward-aft direction for Model M-1. And shorter for Model M-2.

The Model M-2 Steering Pedestal is fitted to:

The latest built Hallberg-Rassy 31

The latest built Halllberg-Rassy 34

Halllberg-Rassy 310 with Wheel Steering

Halllberg-Rassy 342 with Wheel Steering

Please view all related photos to this product to determine your Steering Pedestal look like the photos for this product.

If you are not sure, please send us a photo of your Steering Pedestal.

NOTE: Not available for boats with fixed Chart Plotter fitted to the Steering Pedestal.




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