Winch Socket Adapter for Power Tools

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Winch Socket Adapter for Power Tools

Winch Socket Adapter Bits for Power Tools.

Great help when Hydraulic or Electric Powewred Mast Motors for any reason fail to operate.

PLEASE NOTE: Only electric Masts manufacuted until approx 2005 have a winch socket for manual operation. Later Selden electric mast have a square socket. For these mast, this adapter tool does not fit!

All hydraulic powered Selden Furling Masts and headsail systems have the option to furl in or out manually with a short winch handle. Unfortunately furling manually takes a lot of time, due to the high gear ratio.

Also other mast manufactures have this winch socket override.

Selden first generator electric powered mast offers the same possibility with a winch socket. (Masts manufactured until appx 2005)  

For example Hydraulic driven mast or Furlex systems can have the oil overheated and the power function is then disabled by a temperature sensor.

Please see demonstration movie:

Please Note: AEG Power Tool not included.

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