Pedestal Switch - complete

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Pedestal Switch - complete

Pedestal Switch today fitted to the Hallberg-Rassy Yachts.

For function such as Hydraulic Mast Manouvering, Anchor Windlass Manouvering and Winch Manouvering.

Also as Push Button to control Mast Horn, Lights and other functions.

The Switch is "ON" when pushed down.

This switch can replace several of the previous Pedestal Switches that Hallberg-Rassy Yachts have had installed to the steering pedestal.

For 22 mm diameter hole.

The Switch contains of 4 components.

- Push Button

- Push Button Lens

- Adapter to fit inside pedestal

- Switch Element

As an option, a LED light element can be installed to the switch. Light can be powered so that light is ON when switch is pushed and ON, or light can be powered seperately.

(Info: When assemblying the switch, please note that the SWITCH Element is not fitted to the center of the adapter, but to one side. The Center position of the adapter is for the LED Light element, when this is installed)

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