31 Sprayhood

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31 Sprayhood

New features Jan 2014

HR31 Sprayhood / Dodger (Canvas only).

Manufactured in Grey Canvas material

The original Hallberg-Rassy Sprayhood will fit perfectly to your Hallberg-Rassy 31 with Original Windscreen and Original Sprayhood Frames.


New features/improvements from January 2014:

Canvas covers to protect the Zippers both sides

Vinyl Protection in Dark Blue to the aft edge of the Sprayhood (upper side only). (If you have a Medium Blue Sailcover, this aft edge will differ from that blue. If you have a Dark Blue Sailcover, the aft edge Protection will correspond in colour)

White Webbing with Tensioner to both aft corners. (When you today have a Elastic Cord, that attaches to a White Plastic Fitting, one just use the supplied "D-Ring" as a link between the webbing and white Plastic Fitting (See photo)

Unfortunately our photos do not yet show these features, 

Sprayhood for Hallberg-Rassy 31 is available in 3 different models.

Model M-1
First built boats. Without metal windscreen. Special Sprayhood.
Please contact us for further information info@hr-parts.com

Model M-2
First model for boats with windscreen. This windscreen is a short version. This was installed to boats with build no. up to approx. no. 18
Please contact us for further information  info@hr-parts.com

Model M-3
Sprayhood to almost all built HR31’s. From approx. build no. 18 to the last built boat.


New Frames & Fitting are available for purchase separately.

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