Whale Gusher Titan Bilgepump BP4402

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Manual Bilge Pump.

Both Whale Gusher Titan 4402 and 4410 have been installed to several Hallberg-Rassy models.


BP4402 is the standard Pump. (Thru Deck Plate NOT INCLUDED)

BP4410 is the Thru Deck Pump (Thru Deck Plate INCLUDED)


For BP4410, please see related product.


Both Pumps have been installed to these Hallberg-Rassy models:

Hallberg-Rassy 94

Hallberg-Rassy 29

Hallberg-Rassy 31

Hallberg-Rassy 310

Hallberg-Rassy 34

Hallberg-Rassy 342

Hallberg-Rassy 412

Hallberg-Rassy 43

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