Rudder Locking Ring Bronze - 50mm (Lower Ball Bearing)

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Rudder Locking Ring Bronze

Original Locking Ring.

The Lower Locking Ring fitted to :

Hallberg-Rassy 36 (Stainless Steel 50mm Rudder Shaft)

Hallberg-Rassy 39

Hallberg-Rassy 42 Frers:


The Locking Ring that Secures the Rudder Horisontally.

The Locking Ring delivers the Full Horisontal Load / Weight to the (10414635) Rudder Lower Bearing..

Supplied with 3 fixing screws as photos show.


Inner Diameter, upper part of Locking Ring : 50,3 mm

Inner Diameter, lower part (where Thrust Bearing is positioned) : 79 mm

Outer Diameter : 97 mm

Height : 35 mm

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