Speaker Cockpit - Sea & Symphony - 2009 (Low Magnetic) 40W

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Speaker Cockpit - Sea & Symphony


Speaker Cockpit - Sea & Symphony - 2009 (Low Magnetic)

Cockpit Speakers fitted to Hallberg-Rassy Boats during many years.

Supplied as a pair ( 2 speakers).

Diameter: 110 mm

Diameter between the screw holes: 100 mm.

PLEASE NOTE : This is the Low Magnetic version.

Presently the only available version.


Previously it was available in two different versions, standard and Low Magnetic.


When mounted close to a compass, for example over the companionway/entrance where a compass also is located, The Low Magnetic model was the preferred one. And as stated, this is the only model/version available at the moment.



Sea & Sympony
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