WASTE Deck Fitting LONG (complete) - 38mm Hose

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Unfortunately not available at the moment

Complete Deck Filler / Deck Fitting for WASTE. Holding Tank.

This is our only fully approved WASTE fitting acordiong to standard EN ISO 8099:2000.

This standard refers the Fitting being deep enough for a pump-out station hose to being able to enter deep enough into the Deck Fitting.


Easily opened with a Winch Handle or a Tool with a Winch Socket.


Belong to our Series of Fittings:

Waste: 27-620500

Diesel: 27-620501

Water: 27-620502


Maximum DIameter : 86 mm

For Hose diameter : 38 mm

For Deck Hole diameter : 52 mm

Total Length of Fitting : 124 mm








Unfortunately not available at the moment