Gebo Hinge for Skylight, 15mm - RIGHT (complete)

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15mm - RIGHT

This is 1 of 4 available models.

LEFT Hinge is the Hinge that overlaps the joint of the frame. One end to the LEFT Hinge have 2 threaded holes for fixing while the other end have only 1 threaded hole for fixing.

RIGHT Hinge have only 1 threaded hole for fixing to both ends of the Hinge.

For Skylights with 3 Hinges, there will be 1 LEFT Hinge and 2 RIGHT Hinges fitted. The middle Hinge is a RIGHT Hinge.

See Photo No. 2 to see the threaded fixing holes to the Hinge ends.

10mm model for skylights up to size 500 x 500

15mm model for skylights from size 600 x 600

We include also the End Caps for these hinges. This is not showed in our product photo, but is included when we supply these.

How to identify the difference between 10mm and 15 mm hinge:

The horisontal surface of the hinge, that grabs over the frame, this surface is 30mm long for the 10mm hinge and 35mm long for the 15mm hinge.




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