Steering Wheel Cover - 900 - Model A

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  Steering Wheel Cover, that covers 900 mm diameter wheel, the steering pedestal / Binnacle and also the cockpit table if that is fitted to the pedestal.

Please view all available photos for this product ( 5 photos in total) to recognize your pedestal.

Colour : GREY

Hallberg-Rassy logotype in Dark Blue

PLEASE NOTE: Additional fitted instruments/chart plotters and different binnacle bar will need to be same as photos related to this product shows.

Should fit late Hallberg-Rassy 352, 382, 42 Enderlein

Should fit early Hallberg-Rassy 36, 39, 42 Frers



Wheel diameter : 900 mm

Front section height : 1.130 mm

Zipper length : 1.120 mm

Wheel to Binnacle bar : 290 mm


If you do not recognize the pedestal from the photos, please E-mail a few photos of your pedestal to us, and we will search and look for the correct pedestal for your boat.




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