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Paint information.

The Blue stripe around the cockpit was hand painted with Epifanes 29. This is a 1 komp. paint that was used until appr. 2003 when it was integrated in the hull/Gelcoat. No RAL codes available for this Epifanes 29 paint. http://www.hr-parts.com/contents/en-us/p1695.html

The upper blue stripe on the hull was hand painted with International. This is a 2 komp. paint that was used until appr 1986-87 when it was integretad in the hull/Gelcoat. Original mixture from this International paint is: 30% dark blue/Mauritsius code: 018 and 70% Middle blue/Danube blue code: 104. NO RAL code is available for this International paint.. Hallberg-Rassy Parts do Not provide this paint.

Waterline was also hand painted with same International 2 komp. paint. From the later half of the 90's up to date a paint named De ljssel is used. This is a 2 komp. paint that can be applied on other 2 komp. paint or directly on gelcoat. De ljssel paint code 30583 was used until appr year 2010, from 2010 paint code 35136 is used. Hallberg-Rassy Parts provide only the current paint code 35136. http://www.hr-parts.com/contents/en-us/p1694.html


RAL code for the blue stripes integrated in the hull/deck (gelcoat) is 5003.