Blue Paint Information - Deck, Hull and Waterline

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 The blue stripe around the cockpit.

This was painted with Epifanes 29 until approximately year 2003.

Epifanes 29 paint is a 1-component paint.

Epifanes 29 paint can be applied to all surfaces, regardless what has been applied before ( 1-component, 2-component or to a gelcoat surface). One can not apply a 2-component paint on to a 1-component paint.

From approximately year 2003 the blue stripe around the cockpit was in gelcoat and applied in the mold from start of the build process of the deck.

You should be able to determine if the stripe is painted or gelcoat by examine the edge of the blue stripe.

If the stripe is painted, it is possible to determine if it is 1-component or 2-component with the help of a 2-component- / Polyurethane-Thinner.

There is no exact RAL code match for the Epifanes 29 paint available.

Epifanes 29_Blue_Paint

The upper blue stripe to the hull.

This was painted with International paint until approximately year 1986.
The international paint is a 2-component paint. The colour was a mixture of two different International paint: 30% dark blue/Mauritsius code: 018 and 70% Middle blue/Danube blue code: 104.

There is no exact RAL code match for this International paint available.

Hallberg-Rassy Parts do not have these International products available.

From approximately 1986/1987 the upper blue stripe on the hull was gelcoat and applied in the mold from start of the build process of the hull.

If you wish you repaint the upper blue stripe on the hull, this can be done.
If the upper blue stripe is painted with a 1-component paint, one need to paint again with a 1-component paint or remove all old paint completely and then it is also possible with a 2-component paint.
If the upper blue stripe if of gelcoat, one can paint with a 2-component paint.

As this area comes in compact primarily with fenders, the surface can surely be affected by this. Therefore the advise is to use 2-component paint when possible.

De Ijssel paint

The lower blue stripes on the hull  ( Waterline / Boot Topping ).

These lines have always been painted with 2-component paint.
Until approximately year 1995 International paint was applied.
From approximately year 1995 they have been painted with De Ijssel paint.

The De Ijssel is a 2-component paint. This can be applied to any 2-component surface or a gelcoat surface. It can not be applied to a 1-component surface.

From approximately year 1995 to approximately year 2010 De Ijssel code 30583 was applied

From approximately year 2010 and onwards De Ijssel code 35136 has been applied.

Hallberg-Rassy Parts provide only the current De Ijssel, De Ijssel code 35136.

De Ijssel paint.