Selden Rigging Screw - 7/16" (11.0mm) - FORK-FORK

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Original Selden Product

Selden bronze / stainless rigging screw.Supplied by Selden since year 2007.

The body is made is chrome plated aluminium bronze and the fork terminals in high grade marine stainless steel. This combination reduces the risk of threads seizing up under heavy load.

This bronze / stainless rigging screw replace the earlier, all stainless, rigging screw from Selden and Hasselfors. The bronze / stainless rigging screw have a different minimum and maximum length, why it can be difficult to replace a previous all stainless rigging screw with this bronze / stainless rigging screw. NO data available for previous all stainless 7/16" rigging screw, so please check against the specification here below.

If the intension is to replace an all stainless rigging screw, please check lengths carefully. And please contact us when needed.



Weight: 440 gram

Thread size: 7/16"

Length - minimum ( c/c between rigging bolts ): 233 mm

Length - maximum ( c/c between rigging bolts ): 342 mm

Clevis Pin / Rigging bolt diameter: 11.0 mm

Breaking load: 4.750 kg




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