Selden Rigging Bolt Convert Kit 5/8" - 13 to 15.8mm

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Original Selden Product

Selden rigging bolt conversion kit.

For to convert from 15,8 mm down to 13.0 mm clevis pin / rigging bolt, in order to match a 13.0 mm hole in the stainless steel chainplate onboard..

1998 Selden made a change to the 5/8" rigging screw. Upgraded the clevis pins / rigging bolts to 15.8 mm.

When ordering our 5/8" rigging screw, our part no. 104146469, please check what clevis pins / rigging bolts you need to match the deck of your boat.


(PLEASE NOTE : Older all stainless steel rigging screws have a different minimum and maximum length compared to the new Selden rigging screw availavle today. Check that the new rigging screw will match what you need. )



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