Splicing- Hallberg-Rassy Complete Splicing Kit

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Splicing-  Hallberg-Rassy Complete Splicing Kit

Splicing-  Hallberg-Rassy Complete Splicing Kit

Complete splicing and sail repair kit. Including all you need for successful splicing and rope work. As well as parts for sail repair parts. The kit is developed by Hallberg-Rassy in coopertion with Liros Ropes and D-Splicer to create the ultimate riggers bag.

3 x Selma needles
2 x whipping yarn in Dyneema
Splicing spike small
Whipping needle
D-Splicer tape
Instructions on USB
Waterproof note pad
Marking pen
2 x additional 4 mm Selma needles
1 x Splicing spike large
6 x Heavy duty sewing needles
1 x Heavy duty sewing thread
1 x 1 meter yard stick
1 x Wichard off shore knife
1 x D-Splicer ceramic knife
1 x D-Splicer Dyneema scissor
1 x F10 Splicing needle
1 x F15 Splicing needle
1 x D-Splicer needle set
1 x Heat cutter
1 x HR Pen
1 x Splicing modern ropes instruction book
1 x Sail makers Glove - Right Hand

( If left hand contact us at info@hr-parts.com )
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