Lewmar NTR Genoa Sheet Car - Size 1 PORT

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Lewmar NTR Genoa Sheet Car with Torlon Ball sliding system.

Large sheave for efficient rope handling. Even possible to run double sheets thru the sheave.

Single control line sheave for maximum 8 mm rope

Safe Working Load : 900 kg

Weight : 560 g

Length : 162 mm

Width : 71 mm

Colour : Black

The removable limiter the traveller cars comes fitted with makes this a PORT side genoa sheet car.

The Genoa sheet car can easily be re-configurated to a STBD side genoa car by re-positioning the limiter.

The Lewmar NTR Genoa Car size 1 can be installed both to the NTR tracks as well as the previous Ocean tracks.

The size 1 system was installed to Hallberg-Rassy 31, 310, 34, 342, 36 and 37.


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