Fender Hallberg-Rassy F5

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Hallberg-Rassy Fender

Fender supplied with new Hallberg-Rassy boats since 2020.

Available in three different cylindrical sizes.

Hallberg-Rassy Fender F2

Length: 610mm (24")

Diameter: 220mm (8,6")

Eye Diameter: 28mm

Weight: 1,75 kg


Hallberg-Rassy Fender F3

Length: 745mm (29")

Diameter: 220mm (9")

Eye Diameter: 28mm

Weight:2,1 kg

Hallberg-Rassy Fender F5

Length: 775mm (30")

Diameter: 290mm (11")

Eye Diameter: 28mm

Weight:3 kg


Supplied with fender line

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