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The Sprayhood include a plastic window above the windscreen and a DARK BLUE VINYL protection to the aft edge. Most Hallberg-Rassy 312 where originally delivered with BEIGE coloured Sprayhood. Today we manufacture in GREY canvas colour only. GREY coloured Sprayhoods as all new Hallberg-Rassy yachts.

This Original Hallberg-Rassy Sprayhood will fit perfectly onboard your Hallberg-Rassy 312 with Original Windscreen and Sprayhood Frames.

Please look for the ID label to your previous Sprayhood with the model number noted and select the correct MODEL and COLOUR for your Sprayhood in the drop down meny. If there is no ID label to your previous Sprayhood, please select MODEL UNKNOWN along with the correct colour in these meny and we should still be able to determine the correct model from your Build No.

There are 3 different models:

Model M-1. With turning knobs to attach the Sprayhood to the windscreen. This Model was install up to approx build No. 300. A few of these early boats have had the windscreen replaced, and with a new windscreen, there is normally also a newer model Sprayhood. The turning Knobs recognize this model best. This is HR 312 MK I.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not possible to supply the Sprayhood with the Eyes for turning knobs fixtures already fixed to the Sprayhood due to individual positioning of the turning knobs. The Eyes needs to be fixed in the process of fitting the Sprayhood to each boat.

Model M-2. Attached to the windscreen by inserting the forward edge of the Sprayhood into a slot at the top of the windscreen. From approx Build No 300 until approx 485. This is Hallberg-Rassy 312 MK I.

Model M-3. Similar to Model M-2, but the Frames have a different Shape. This is Hallberg-Rassy 312 MK II.


New Frames & Fitting are available for purchase separately.

You may always contact us for further information.

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