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The Story about Hallberg-Rassy

New 360 page Hallberg-Rassy book  

This is a lavish, new, 360-page book in English about the legendary Swedish boat builder Hallberg-Rassy.

The book "The story about Hallberg-Rassy – Legendary boat builders" is a must-have for all sailboat lovers and Hallberg-Rassy aficionados. Read about Hallberg-Rassy’s fascinating journey across its first nine decades. From the 1940s until today this impressive success story is still unfolding with no end in sight. 

This richly illustrated book contains many interesting insights, pictures, and back stage stories, of which most have never before been published. You can learn about the history and philosophy of the yard through interviews with key people and yacht owners. You can discover many new details about all the Hallberg-Rassy yachts ever built, and even see drawings of some designs that were never built.

This is a big book at 317 mm tall, 237 mm wide and 29 mm thick, with 360 pages in total, including the cover. The appearance is impressive, with the title printed in golden letters. A bit less than a third of the book is based on the Swedish book about boat builder Christoph Rassy. 

Enjoy this engaging and informative read and includes texts by yachting journalists and authors Bengt Jörnstedt and Curt Gelin, as well as Magnus Rassy.




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