Silva 100P Compass - Complete

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Silva 100P Compass - Complete 

A complete compass with Visor which has a 12V red bulb that is placed over the Silva Compass to illuminate the compass.

The visor protects and hides the lamp for a perfect light.

The compass or Visor can be purchased separately. High bank angles

The Silva 100P Compass has a Steady compass rose
Bulkhead mounted

The 100P is a bulkhead-mounted compass designed for sailboats and sailors who require absolute precision, a steady compass rose in all conditions and high heeling angles.

It is suitable for mast mounting thanks to forward reading, 30 ° bank angle and three guide lines for multi-angle reading. Main steering scale on the horizontal part and direct reading on the vertical edge make the 100P ideal for boats with a sitting as well as a standing helmsman. With its compact size, the 100P will fit in most spaces and boats.

  Contains :

1 x Silva 100P Compass 
1 x  Black Visor
1 x Red Bulb 12V
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