Liros Herkules - White-Blue 10mm

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Liros Herkules 10mm

Colour : White - Blue

• working stretch < 5%

• very high quality line for the demanding Cruising yacht

• easy to splice and absolutely non-kinking

• extremely durable, even under hard winching conditions

Please order the required number of meters and we deliver this in one length, with both ends heat-cut..

Classic sheet ropes for Hallberg-Rassy yachts.

The white - blue colour is typically used for : Headsail sheets, Headsail car controllines as well as mainsheet car controllines.

Perfect off course for other use when this white-blue coloured rope is in favour.

Liros Herkules is a high-strength Polyester rope.

Cover Polyester

Core Polyester

Excellent grip on winch drums, first choice high standard cruising yachts


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