Fabric, De Luxe (meter)

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1,40 cm wide

Price per meter

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Malmo Down and Malmo French Grey:  VI 50%, CO 21%, LI 21%, PL 8%

Poppy and Zone 110 :  Trevira CS


(Trevira CS is a flame-retardant textile. Trevira CS consists of artificial fibers and yarns with "built-in safety". The wood wire material is flame-retardant in nature as it is created from permanently flame-retardant fibers. The production takes place in an environmentally friendly way and does not require any extra fire protection treatment that other materials normally need. Fibrous fibers and filaments are also certified according to the Oekotex 100 Standard and in the event of a fire, they emit very small amounts of toxic fumes.)

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