Bow Anchor Roller 88x69 mm ((29)) (312-42)

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This is our most comon Anchor Roller.

Mounted to Bow Anchor Roller fittings to several Hallberg-Rassy Models.

Some HR29 have this roller. Some Hallberg-Rassy 29 have the smaller 29 roller (Se seperate product).

All 312, 34, 352, 36, 39, 42F, 42E have this roller UNLESS OWNERS HAVE MODIFIED.

Please check meassurements if not certain.

Width: 88 mm

Maximum Diameter: 68 mm

"Chain track width" : 31 mm

For 19 mm centre bolt.


Also several owner to other boat models have changed to this anchor roller, as it offers good guidence for the chain and holds the chain in the centre when anchored.

The Bow Anchor Roller 88 x 60 mm will fit in the same position. This is without guidence track for the chain. When this option is preferred, please look at related product 12831.




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