Putty for Interior Wood Kit

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Putty for Interior Wood

Baowachs 547, also called repair putty, is a ready-to-use wax product in many different shades for quick repairs in stained, glazed and lacquered surfaces of wood or laminate.

Useful for various types of surface damage, such as twig holes, scratches, cracks, nails and screw holes. Softens by the warmth of the hand and fills in the place to be repaired. Or use the included spatula.

Apply after staining or laser. The wax is light-genuine, does not sink, combines with the material and can be colored with retouching paint and varnished. Unlimited storage time.

For best results, find the colors that suit your particular type of wood.

The kit contains

1 x 547 Mahogany/gabon
1 x 572 Light Teak
1 x 573 Teak Medium
1 x A-2 Oak
1 x Plastic Spatula

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