Upper Rudder Details Hallberg-Rassy 36

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Upper Rudder Details Hallberg-Rassy 36

10414634 - Rudder Upper Bearing 7210 - 50mm

62-604080 - Rudder Locking Ring Bronze - 50 mm

62-604075 - Rudder Locking Ring Bronze - 50 mm (Low/Hull)

10414635 - Rudder Lower Bearing 51210 - 50mm

1312M - Rudder Seal 50mm (31,34,36,39,42)

Removal and Refitting of Rudder Simmer Seals and Upper Bearings – HR 36, 39, 42F

Absolutely recommended that the boat is out of the water for these jobs. 

1. Secure the rudder stock – screw a M10 eyebolt into the top end of rudder stock, attach a turnbuckle/winch arrangement to the eyebolt and support.

2. Secure the Rudder in position with a support under the Rudder.

3. Unbolt and remove the steering cables.

4. Unbolt and remove the steering quadrant and quadrant key.

5. Unbolt and remove the pilot-drive arm.

6. Mark the position and release the (62-604080) Rudder Locking Ring Bronze, allowing both the Rudder Locking Ring and (10414634) Rudder Upper Bearing 7210 to be lowered.

7. Mark the radial position, unbolt and remove the (xxx) Rudder Bearing Housing Upper. Remove both (10414634) Rudder Upper Bearing 7210 and (62-604080) Rudder Locking Ring Bronze.

8. Mark the radial position and release the (62-604075) Rudder Locking Ring Bronze.

9. Gently lower the rudder (maximum.15mm) resting it on (10414632) Rudder Skeg Bearing and also support the rudder against the ground (as already mention in above position No. 2.

10. Undo the lifting gear and remove (62-604075) Rudder Locking Ring and (10414635) Rudder Lower Bearing 51210.

11. Pull out the old simmer seals. If difficult, screwing down a few screws into the seals to help when pulling up can help, especially for the lower one. New (1312) Rudder Seals can be installed in a few different ways. But always with great care. Slots in the Rudder Shaft for Steering Gear Key and Autopilot Key can have sharp edges and damage the new Rudder Seals in the process. Clean the Rudder Shaft. Check the Rudder Shaft for any sharp edges. Wrap a paper tight around the top of the Rudder Shaft. Pull both new (1312) Rudder Seals over the paper, and then move the paper down on the Rudder Shaft with the new (1312) Rudder Seals.

If this does not work for you, grease the rudder shaft well and carefully pull down the new (1312) Rudder Seals over the Rudder Shaft. Make certain there are no burrs or sharp edges before sliding the new seals down the Rudder Shaft.

Please Note : Both seals must be fitted in the same direction, flat side facing up, open side facing down. Make sure (1312) Rudder Seals are well greased when installed. Also grease both (10414632) Rudder Upper Bearing 7210 and (10414635) Rudder Lower Bearing 51210 well when re-installing.

Make sure the Drain Hole (Leakage indicator hole) is clean and that one Seal ring is positioned below the drain hole and one Seal Ring is positioned above the drain hole.

When water comes out the drain hole, this is the indication that it is time to charge the Seal Rings.The Upper Rings is the back-up seal. For a short period of time, you can block the drain hole, before time is given to change the Seal rings, but make sure not to wait to long, as when water penetrating the upper Seal Ring, seawater will then also enter the Rudder Lower Bearing, and then other problems will also soon occer.

12. Reverse the above steps to rebuild the rudder assembly.

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