Gelcoat Repair Kit - Hull

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Repair Repair Kit - Hull

Includes, hardener, topcoat (gelcoat + paraffin/wax), Aerosil powder and instruction.

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Hallberg-Rassy have basically used two different colours for the white hulls.

Colour 2000 until approx year 1992-1993-1994

Colour 10000 from aprox year 1992-1993-1994

The 10000 is sometimes referred to as 1000

Over time, there has also been different suppliers for the gelcoat, with some individual colours to each colour code.


Especially the 10000 do mature after a few year. How much and how quickly depends on factors if the boat has been sailed in UV intense areas and sailed all years around or not.

Instead of 10000 we recommend the colour 9010 after a few years.

When aiming to make a really good repair, even for a small repair, it can be a good thing to buy both gelcoat repair kits, bot 9010 and 10000 and blend these to the perfect match for your boat.


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